Sockets are a mechanism on equipment into which active and support skill gems with a matching colour can be placed. Individual sockets can be linked to each other which is required for support skill gems to provide benefits to any linked active skill gem.


Each socket has one of 4 colours:

Skill gems have to be placed into a socket with the corresponding colour with the exception of white gems and sockets, which can be placed into a socket of any colour or take a gem of any colour respectively.

The random choice of colour for sockets is weighted based upon the magnitude of the relevant attributes (strength, dexterity, intelligence) required to use the item. For example, a low strength requirement (low base-level) pure strength armour item has a higher probability of rolling off-color sockets than a high strength requirement (high base-level) pure strength armour.

White sockets can be obtained though corruption by using a 脚本错误 at a 25% chance[1].

The colour of sockets can be changed by 脚本错误 reforging or by using the crafting bench provided by Vorici.

Number of sockets编辑

The number of possible sockets on equipment is based on the item level as well as the type of the equipment being used.

The number of sockets can be changed by 脚本错误 reforging or by using the crafting bench provided by Vorici.

Maximum number of sockets by equipment type编辑

Item level编辑

Number of sockets Minimum item level First vendor
1 1 Normal, Act 1
2 1 Normal, Act 1
3 2 Normal, Act 1
4 25 Normal, Act 3
5 35 Normal, Act 4
6 50 Cruel, Act 3

The item level item is generally applicable, but note that there are a few cases where the restriction does not apply:

  • Starting weapons; they are item level 1 with three sockets (always three different colours).
  • 脚本错误 always has 6 linked white sockets.
  • Items from strongboxes with {{#ask:
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Sockets can be linked to other sockets in the same item. In order to provide their benefits support skill gems have to be placed in sockets linked to other sockets containing active skill gems.

Multiple support skill gems of the same type can only be applied once to an active skill gem, however it is possible to apply a single support skill gem to multiple active skill gems at once. If multiple skill gems of the same type are used in the same link, the highest level support is used.

For example, the two skills Fireball and Freezing Pulse may be linked with the support skill Elemental Proliferation in a three linked item, or Freezing Pulse may be replaced by Chance to Ignite to enhance the Fireball even more. However linking two instances of Elemental Proliferation will only provide the bonus of the highest level one.

The number of links can be reforged using an 脚本错误 or with Vorici's crafting bench.

Order 编辑

Generally the order in which skill gems are linked only holds importance for trigger gems and for rounding the mana cost. The order for sockets used is:

1 2
4 3
5 6

If multiple trigger gems are socketed in several equipped items the order will be:

Main hand ⇒ Amulet ⇒ Helm ⇒ Off hand ⇒ Body armour ⇒ Gloves ⇒ Boots

Items with non-standard interactions编辑

Unique items编辑

  • 脚本错误 always has 6 white linked sockets
  • 脚本错误 and 脚本错误 do not have any sockets
  • 脚本错误 grants stats based on the colour of the sockets in the item
  • 脚本错误 always has a white socket and grants stats based on the colour of the gem socketed into the item

Unique items from races编辑

All Descent: Champions unique items have three white, linked sockets (except for 脚本错误 and 脚本错误).

Divination cards编辑


Deveoper Information编辑

Template:Development information

Relevant information about the sockets can be found in the "Sockets" section of .ot files (based on which files the item in question inherits).

The format used for sockets is

   <number of sockets>:<item level requirement>:<spawn weighting>

The socket colours are commonly represented as:

Colour Letter Code Numerical ID
red R 1
green G 2
blue B 3
white W

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