All skill gems have keywords listed in the first line of the mouseover description. In addition to dividing the skills into groups, keywords largely determine which support gems and modifiers can modify a certain skill. The relationship is not strict, however.

Support Skill Keywords编辑

While you can technically link any support gem to any skill gem, some combinations will have no effect. If a support gem contains one of the following keywords, the skill must have the keyword as well to be affected. Note that any skill with the Bow keyword counts as having Projectile.

Just "Support": Elemental Focus

For example, Freezing Pulse and Ethereal Knives get no benefit from being linked to Point Blank: although they are Projectiles, they are not Attacks.

Active Skill Keywords编辑


See Area Damage.


See Attack Damage.


An aura is a permanent effect focused on your character that also affects nearby party members and minions. Auras reserve a portion of your mana pool. Most of them reserve a percentage of your Mana, only Clarity reserves a flat amount. See Aura.


These skills require a bow to be used. They implicitly have the projectile keyword (see Projectile Damage).


Skills marked with the Cast keyword deal secondary damage. Cast gems are not spells, and are therefore not affected by modifiers that would normally only modify spells.


Arc effectively has the Chain support built in, but can be linked to Chain for additional chains.


Chaos is one of the five damage types; see Chaos Damage.


Cold is one of the five damage types; see Cold Damage.


These skills weaken enemies to make them less dangerous or easier to kill. See Curse.


Certain skills have an effect over time or activate after the duration. In some cases, such as curses, reusing the skill will reset the timer.


Fire is one of the five damage types; see Fire Damage.


Golems are a type of minion that provides a direct Buff to the person who summoned them, but not to anyone else.


Lightning is one of the five damage types; see Lightning Damage.


Some melee skills require certain weapons; see Melee Skills. These skills all deal melee damage.


See Mine Damage.


These skills let characters raise monsters to fight enemies; see minion damage.


Skills that move the character.


See Projectile Damage.


See Spell Damage.


Totems are stationary summons that assist in battle. Note that many other skills can be turned into a totem with the Spell Totem or Ranged Attack Totem support gems. See totem damage.


Traps are skills that trigger when an enemy walks over it. Note that many other skills can be turned into a trap with the Trap support gem. See trap damage.


Certain skills can't be activated manually, and happen automatically when specific conditions are met.

Getting hit by these skills does not activate any trigger effects, like Reckoning or the energy shield recovery of 脚本错误.


Vaal Skills are special, more powerful versions of existing skills. They can be obtained from Vaal Vessels in Corrupted Areas or by using a Vaal Orb on a normal skill gem. Vaal Skills can only be used if they are fuelled with the souls of killed enemies.


Warcries are active skills that provide situational benefits to players and are typically aligned with melee characters, because they only affect nearby enemies and allies. Warcries are not spells can therefore cannot be supported by support gems that specifically link with spells, such as Cast when Damage Taken. They all share a cooldown.