Dual Wielding is intended to be an option halfway between the damage output of two-handed weapons and the defensiveness of a shield and weapon combo.


Whenever you equip two One-Handed weapons of any type Dual Wielding grants the following Stats: {{#ask:

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}} The attack speed bonus is applied multiplicatively with other attack speed modifiers. These bonuses to Dual Wielding can be increased via passives. Weapons do not have to be of the same type to receive Dual Wielding bonuses.

There are no penalties of any kind to attacks with your off-hand weapon. The large majority of attack skills in Path of Exile will alternate between equipped weapons for attacks,[1] swinging first with the main hand and then with the off-hand weapon. The attack time is the average of the two weapons' attack times, so the total time for a pair of attacks is as if each weapon attacked once.

It is possible to dual-wield wands. However, you may not wield a wand in one hand and a melee weapon in the other.

Single-weapon attacks 编辑

The following attacks use only your main hand weapon[1]:

These attacks choose a random applicable weapon to attack with:

If you have two different weapons and the skill you attempt to use only works with one of them, only the valid weapon will be used for attacks made with that skill. Skills that fall under this category (apart from the above) include:

If only one weapon is used, the dual wielding bonuses will still apply; however, the attack rate will be based only on the weapon that is actually used. The tooltip appears to be wrong.

Simultaneous attacks 编辑

The following attack with both weapons at the same time[1], both need to be of the required weapon type:

Passive skills编辑

There are passive skills that grant dual wielding bonuses.

Physical damage while dual wielding编辑

These passive skills grant increased physical damage with weapons while dual wielding.

Name BonusesDual Wield DamageDual Wield Damage and Attack SpeedDual Wield Damage and BlockAmbidexterityAspect of the PantherBlade BarrierBravadoDervishDualityGallantryGeminiSwagger

Accuracy while dual wielding编辑

These passive skills grant increased accuracy rating while dual wielding.

Name BonusesDual Wield AccuracyGemini

Attack speed while dual wielding编辑

These passive skills grant increased attack speed while dual wielding.

Name BonusesDual Wield Attack SpeedDual Wield Attack and Cast SpeedDual Wield Damage and Attack SpeedAmbidexterityAspect of the PantherDark ArtsDervish

Critical strike chance while dual wielding编辑

These passive skills grant increased critical strike chance with weapons while dual wielding.

Name BonusesDual Wield Critical Strike ChanceTwin Terrors

Chance to block while dual wielding编辑

These passive skills grant additional chance to block while dual wielding.

Name BonusesBlock (passive skill)Dual Wield BlockDual Wield Damage and BlockAspect of the PantherBlade BarrierBravadoDervishGeminiSlashing ComebackWeapon ArtistrySwagger

Strategy 编辑

Blocking 编辑

Passives 编辑

As of 2.1 there are the following passive clusters that provide block chance while Dual Wielding:

All of the dual wield block nodes are located in or near the Dexterity sector of the passive tree, making a critical build a natural choice. This is enhanced by the Twin Terrors cluster with its 125% critical strike chance and prime location between Bravado and Dervish.

There is a total of 27% additional block chance on the passive tree for a total of 42% possible block chance without items, or 38% if we discount Slashing Comeback which is gated behind five sword nodes and is thus prohibitively expensive for non-sword builds.

Items 编辑

Using a Maraketh dagger (i.e. 脚本错误), corrupting an item with a 脚本错误, or crafting with Vagan, Weaponmaster can provide some additional block chance. Failing this, or if more flexibility in passives is desired, one or more of the following unique items may work:

  • 脚本错误 (10% (Legacy)/8%): A popular choice due to allowing for 100% block chance applied to spells when combined with 脚本错误 and 脚本错误.
  • 脚本错误 (15% (Legacy)/6%): Helpful for reaching the block cap with Wings of Entropy, leading to the famous "Bringer of WoE" build.
  • 脚本错误 (10% (Legacy)/8%, +3% maximum): Precludes 脚本错误, severely limiting its effectiveness for non-Gladiators.
  • 脚本错误 (20% (Legacy)/12%): A single Ungil's Gauche provides a large amount of block chance rivaling most shields, as well as a strong 90% increased global critical strike chance. However, its direct attack characteristics are not endgame viable, and are subpar even for Cast on Critical Strike builds, delivering 10.47% base critical hits per second whereas rare daggers can exceed 18% with top rolls.
  • 脚本错误 (15%): Grants the highest block chance of all weapons, nice defensive bonuses, and a free Fortify gem. However, its damage output is subpar.
  • 脚本错误 (10% (Legacy)/8%): In addition to the block chance, Prismatic Eclipse can provide interesting socket bonuses, particularly 36% attack rate for a GGG version. However, its critical hit capability is even worse endgame than those of Ungil's Gauche.
  • 脚本错误 (10% (Legacy)/8% with claws): Without improved critical strike chance, Essentia Sanguis is lacking in direct attack capability lategame.
  • 脚本错误 (5%): Without improved critical strike chance, Mark of the Doubting Knight is lacking in direct attack capability lategame. At only 5% additional block chance, reaching the block cap will also likely require corrupted items and/or Master crafting.
  • 脚本错误 (10%): While end-game viable for non-crit builds, it is a league-exclusive item and its bonuses are sub-optimal without axes, which lacks uniques that add block chance.

Most of the one-handed uniques above are all lacking in direct attack capability in the lategame, so it's advisable for users to wield them in the offhand and arrange to attack with the main hand only.

Spell block 编辑

Since there is no spell block on the passive tree for dual wielding, any spell block will have to come from either Ascendancy Class passives, items, or jewels.

Apart from corrupted items (which add a flat 2-4% to Spell Block only), the only way to get capped spell block is to use 脚本错误, 脚本错误, and 脚本错误. Not using the last can still yield a respectable but not capped amount of spell block. There are two Ascendancy Classes that grant Spell Block chance:

  • Duelists can take the Gladiator class for "Versatile Combatant", which applies 100% of Block Chance to Spells, allowing them to easily reach high levels of Spell Block without uniques. The nodes taken for that passive adds an additional 4% block chance plus another 8% from "Painforged" if you've been Hit recently. Taking "Violent Retaliation" also nets 2% block chance, for a total of 14% bonus to block chance.
  • Scions can take the "Gladiator" passive for 30% Block Chance to spells plus 3% block chance as an Ascendant. While not as effective as Gladiators themselves, it allows them to forego 脚本错误 or 脚本错误 for capping spell block chance.

References 编辑