A tournament is a short duration player versus player event that you enter with a specific character. You play rapid-fire rounds against other entrants, with matchmaking occurring within the tournament only. The goal is to accumulate as many wins as you can during the event, so you're encouraged to play aggressive characters that get decisive victories. Based on your overall placing in the tournament, you'll win PvP points which allow you to unlock various PvP-specific item rewards throughout a season.


There are different types of tournaments:

Blitz Tournaments编辑

Blitz tournaments are a series of duels where you're matched with a new opponent as soon as your last round finishes to get as many victories as possible within the time limit. Tournaments are split between 1v1, premade 3v3, and random 3v3 tournaments.

Free-for-all Tournaments编辑

Free-for-all tournaments take place in the Sarn Arena. They're a massive brawl where you get a point per player kill. If you die, you're sent to a new arena to continue the massacre.

Capture the Flag Tournaments编辑

There are 3v3 and 6v6 CTF events. These use Swiss matchmaking to control their match structure.

Swiss Tournaments编辑

The most competitive of the event types are tournaments with Swiss Matchmaking. These run in a regimented series of matches, where victory is about consistently defeating your opponents in best-of-7 play.