Warcries are active skills that provide situational benefits to players and are typically aligned with melee characters, because they only affect nearby enemies and allies. Warcry skills naturally taunt enemies within their range to attack you instead of your allies, allowing one party member to act as a "tank". Warcry skills have greater effect the more enemies are nearby.

Warcries are not spells and therefore cannot be supported by support gems that specifically link with spells, such as Cast when Damage Taken.

All warcry skills share a cooldown of 4 seconds - no warcry skill can be cast while any others are on cooldown.


There are currently 3 warcries:

  • Abyssal Cry - Reduces enemies' Movement Speed per nearby enemies and causes them to explode for Chaos Damage when killed.
  • Enduring Cry - Grants Endurance Charges per nearby enemies and life regeneration to you.
  • Rallying Cry - Grants Increased Damage per nearby enemies and mana regeneration of allies. (With 脚本错误, restores Mana equal to percentage of damage taken for the duration.)

Warcry Passive Skills编辑

Ascendancy skills编辑

The following Ascendancy classes have skills related to warcries:

Marauders can spec into the Berserker class that has the "War Bringer" notable passive:

  • Recover 5% of Life and Mana when you use a Warcry
  • 100% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed

Templars can spec into the Guardian class that has the "Prayer of Glory" notable passive :

  • You and nearby allies have 15% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed if you've used a Warcry in the last 4 seconds
  • Using Warcries is Instant

Unique Items编辑

The following unique items affect socked warcry gems: 脚本错误