Maps are the main type of endgame content in Path of Exile. Like equipment, they come in normal, magic, rare, and unique rarities and have their own special affixes. Affixes on maps can make them more difficult but also increase their potential rewards. Maps can also have quality, which can be raised by using a 脚本错误. Map drops are not affected by party size.[1]

Maps cannot be used until you have access to the Eternal Laboratory, which can be accessed after completing Lady Dialla's quests in Act 3 on Merciless difficulty. They can later also be used in hideouts, if the player has a personal map device, offered by Zana.

There are 15 tiers of maps, each tier corresponding to an area level. Tier one maps open a level 68 area, tier two maps open a level 69 area, and so on to level 82. Map tiers are divided into three groups: low-tier maps, mid-tier maps, and high-tier maps. In low-tier maps (1-6), maps of higher tier than the current map drop frequently. In mid-tier maps (7-11), maps of higher tier than the current map drop less frequently. High-tier maps (12-15) drop infrequently, such that it is unlikely a player could sustain a supply of high-tier maps solely by running other maps. The tier group of a map is indicated by the colour of the symbol on its inventory icon; low-tier maps have grey icons, mid-tier maps have yellow icons, and high-tier maps have red icons. Moving from one group of map tiers to the next often imposes a challenge because map drops become hard to sustain. Furthermore, mid-tier and high-tier maps introduce higher values for the mods they can roll, new mods that are more challenging, and combinations of mods that aren't allowed to coexist on low-tier maps.

Maps can drop from anything that can drop items of item level 60 or higher. Non-map areas can only drop the first tier of maps. Tier 2 maps or greater can drop from anything inside a map that can drop items of the same item level. As a result, magic monsters can drop maps one level higher than the map they reside in. As of 2.0.3 map bosses are the only way to get a map that is two levels above the area the player is in.[2]

As of version 2.1.0 there are 77 base maps and 13 unique maps.

Maps by Level编辑

Maps followed by an asterisk (*) are unique.

Layout ratings:

  • A: The map has a consistent layout that can be reliably fully cleared with no backtracking.
  • B: The map has an open layout with few obstacles, or has only short and well-connected side paths.
  • C: The map has an open layout with many obstacles, or has long side paths that require backtracking.

Boss ratings:

  • 5: High and consistent damage output that is difficult to reliably avoid; skipped by many players.
  • 4: High and consistent damage output that can be avoided reasonably well but still very dangerous.
  • 3: Occasionally high damage output that can be avoided reasonably well.
  • 2: Moderate damage output that can be easily kited and/or reasonably mitigated by most builds.
  • 1: Trivial for most builds.
Map Level Tier Layout type Boss difficulty Layout set Boss
脚本错误 68 1 C 2 Crypt Pagan Bishop of Agony
脚本错误 * 68 1 A 2 Crypt Infector of Dreams
脚本错误 68 1 C 5 Dried Lake Mirage of Bones
脚本错误 68 1 B 3 The Coast The Blacksmith
脚本错误 68 1 C 4 Prison Penitentiary Incarcerator
脚本错误 68 1 C 1 Caverns Fire and Fury
脚本错误 68 1 C 2 Daresso's Dream Tore, Towering Ancient
脚本错误 68 1 A 2 The Southern Forest Blood Progenitor
脚本错误 * 68 N/A B 2 The Southern Forest Clutch Queen, Colossal Spitter, Elder Devourer, Great Maw, Prime Ape, The First Rhoa
脚本错误 69 2 B 1 Sarn Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ashes
脚本错误 69 2 B 1 Fellshrine Ruins Thunderskull
脚本错误 69 2 C 4 The Aqueduct The Winged Death
脚本错误 69 2 A 2 The Ledge Champion of Frost
脚本错误 * 69 2 A 3 The Ledge Merveil, the Reflection
脚本错误 69 2 C 2 Sewers Belcer, the Pirate Lord
脚本错误 69 2 B 3 Dread Thicket Steelpoint the Avenger
脚本错误 69 2 A 3 Docks Bramblemist
The Apex of Sacrifice 70 N/A B 5 Ancient Pyramid Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
脚本错误 70 3 B 3 The Slums The Reaver
脚本错误 70 3 B 3 Fetid Pool Skullbeak
脚本错误 70 3 C 5 Library The Fallen Queen, The Hollow Lady, The Broken Prince
脚本错误 70 3 B 4 Mines Void Anomaly
脚本错误 70 3 C 3 Tidal Island Asphyxia
脚本错误 * 70 3 C 4 Tidal Island Fairgraves, Never Dying
脚本错误 70 3 B 3 The Weaver's Chambers Hybrid Widow
脚本错误 70 3 C 2 Ancient Pyramid Atziri's Chosen
脚本错误 * 70 3 A 0 Ancient Pyramid (none)
脚本错误 71 4 B 3 The Grand Arena Avatar of the Forge, Avatar of the Skies, Avatar of the Huntress
脚本错误 71 4 C 3 Chamber of Sins Hybrid Widow
脚本错误 * 71 4 C 2 Chamber of Sins Thorn, Rose
脚本错误 71 4 A 3 The Ebony Barracks Blackguard Avenger, Blackguard Tempest
脚本错误 * 71 4 A 5 The Ebony Barracks several
脚本错误 71 4 A 3 Belly of the Beast Thraxia
脚本错误 71 4 B 3 The Coast Glace
脚本错误 71 4 C 3 The Blackwood The Blacksmith
脚本错误 71 4 C 1 Submerged Passage Lady of the Brood
脚本错误 72 5 B 1 Fetid Pool Slitherskin
脚本错误 * 72 5 B 3 The Den Solus, Pack Alpha
脚本错误 72 5 B 1 The Coves Master of the Blade
脚本错误 72 5 B 4 Fellshrine Ruins Merveil, the Reflection
脚本错误 72 5 A 1 The Docks Flame of Truth
脚本错误 72 5 A 1 The Den The Idol Beyond
脚本错误 72 5 C 3 The Sceptre of God Excellis Aurafix
脚本错误 73 6 B 3 The Weaver's Chambers Lord of the Bow
脚本错误 73 6 C 2 The Catacombs Xixic
脚本错误 * 73 6 A 4 The Catacombs Olmec, the All Stone
脚本错误 73 6 A 4 Battlefront Carnage
脚本错误 73 6 B 2 The Old Fields Spirit of Nadia, Spirit of Aidan
脚本错误 73 6 A 3 Twilight Strand Massier
脚本错误 * 73 6 C 5 Twilight Strand Tormented Temptress
脚本错误 73 6 C 4 Solaris The Wicked One
脚本错误 * 73 6 B 5 Solaris Mistress Hyseria
脚本错误 74 7 A 5 The Riverways Spinner of False Hope
脚本错误 74 7 C 4 The Hedge Maze Sallazzang
脚本错误 74 7 C 3 Cavern of Wrath The Eroding One
脚本错误 * 74 7 B 1 Mixed (Act 1, Act 2) (none)
脚本错误 74 7 C 4 Prison Shock and Horror
脚本错误 74 7 C 3 Sewers Asphyxia
脚本错误 75 8 A 3 The Climb Lord of the Bow
脚本错误 75 8 C 3 Crematorium Harbinger
脚本错误 75 8 B 2 Western Forest Oak the Mighty
脚本错误 75 8 A 2 The Southern Forest Titan of the Grove
脚本错误 75 8 C 5 The Imperial Gardens Tunneltrap
脚本错误 76 9 B 2 Fetid Pool Drought Maddened Rhoa
脚本错误 76 9 A 1 The Climb Master of the Blade
脚本错误 76 9 C 4 The Belly of the Beast Nightmare Manifest
脚本错误 76 9 B 5 The Sceptre of God The High Templar
脚本错误 76 9 C 1 Cavern of Wrath Beast of the Pits
脚本错误 77 10 Labyrinth Hephaeus, The Hammer
脚本错误 77 10 B 3 Marketplace Dialla's Wrath, Dialla's Hatred, Dialla's Anger
脚本错误 77 10 C 4 Church Dungeon Merveil, the Reflection
脚本错误 * 77 10 A 5 Church Dungeon Avatar of Ash, Avatar of Winter, Avatar of Silence, Avatar of Apocalypse
脚本错误 77 10 A 2 The Ledge Drought Maddened Rhoa
脚本错误 77 10 A 4 Kaom's Path Forest of Flames
脚本错误 78 11 C 4 The Library The Arbiter of Knowledge
脚本错误 78 11 C 4 Prison-like Megaera
脚本错误 78 11 B 3 The Slums Lady Stormflay
脚本错误 78 11 B 3 Forest Witch of the Cauldron
脚本错误 79 12 C 1 The Warehouse District Volcanus
脚本错误 79 12 C 3 Chamber of Sins Loathe
脚本错误 79 12 B 2 The Docks Warmonger
脚本错误 79 12 B 5 The Old Fields Stonebeak, Battle Fowl, Gnar, Eater of Carrion
The Alluring Abyss 80 N/A B 5 Ancient Pyramid Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
脚本错误 80 13 B 4 The Imperial Gardens Oriath's Vigil, Oriath's Vengeance, Oriath's Virtue
脚本错误 80 13 C 5 The Mines Champion of the Hollows, Lord of the Hollows, Messenger of the Hollows
脚本错误 80 13 B 4 The Dried Lake The Brittle Emperor
脚本错误 80 13 C 3 The Aqueduct Fragment of Winter
脚本错误 81 14 C 4 Ancient Pyramid Shadow of the Vaal
脚本错误 81 14 C 5 The Upper Sceptre God's Chosen
脚本错误 81 14 B 4 Lunaris Temple Piety the Empyrian
脚本错误 81 14 C 5 Ancient Pyramid K'aj Q'ura, K'aj Y'ara'az, K'aj A'alai
脚本错误 82 15 B 3 Kaom's Stronghold The Infernal King
脚本错误 82 15 A 5 Daresso's Dream Ambrius, Legion Slayer
脚本错误 82 15 C 5 The Black Core Prodigy of Pain, Prodigy of Hexes, Prodigy of Darkness, Eater of Souls


Each arrow (⇓) in the chart below indicates a vendor recipe of the following type:

3 maps of a given tier
⇓ (yield)
1 map of the next tier

Tier Maps


Each (non-unique) map can have up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes, just like other items. Currency related to rarity also works the same, for example an 脚本错误 will turn a basic map into a rare. Modifiers for maps change the properties of the map when one is in that map, thereby making it more difficult and (usually) resulting in increased item quantity for all drops on that map. High increased quantity also affects the drop rates of maps while in a particular map, so high modifiers will increase your chances at continuing to get map drops and finding higher level maps to use.


See List of map prefix mods


See List of map suffix mods

Retired mods编辑

These can no longer spawn on new maps. Existing maps with these mods retain them, sometimes with altered effect depending on the prefix.

Name Mod Value Map Quantity Bonus Notes
Enraged Monsters gain x Frenzy Charges every 30 seconds 1 to 3 15% Replaced by of Frenzy.
Labyrinthine (Indoor Maps only) - 20% Was Area is a Maze with +0% Item Quantity. All maps were increased in size.
Massive (Outdoor Maps only) 20 to 50 20% Was Area is x% larger with +0% Item Quantity. All maps were increased in size.
Villainous Area is inhabited by Bandits - 8% Replaced by Bipedal.
of Champions x% more Magic Monsters 20 to
3% Replaced by of Bloodlines.
of Commanders x% more Rare Monsters 20 to
3% Replaced by of Antagonists.
of Hordes +x% Monster pack size 20 to
0% Turned into a map bonus for other mods.
of Suffering Players take x Chaos Damage per second 16.66 to 33.33 18% Replaced by of Venom and of Desecration.
of the Warlord Players are cursed with Warlord's Mark Level 15 15%

Map Bosses编辑

See map bosses to see what boss resides in what map.

Unidentified Maps编辑

It is possible to put unidentified maps into the map device in the Eternal Laboratory. There is a +30% Item Quantity bonus when running these maps, but even when you enter the map the specific modifiers to the map are not revealed to you, even though the overall quantity, rarity and packsize is. Some are easy to observe, burning or chilled ground are very obvious for example, but others are harder to know immediately (if there are enough obvious modifiers, together with the quantity,rarity and packsize you might be able to determine what the mods are, though). As such, it's recommended that you have a strong character before tackling such maps, otherwise the map could have many dangerous affixes to put your character in danger. Unidentified maps can be obtained as map drops, or by vendoring 3x magic or rare maps of the same base type.

This bonus does not apply to unidentified unique maps.[1]

Corrupted Maps编辑

Like most other items, maps can be corrupted using a 脚本错误. One of the following effects will occur:

  • No effect (other than adding the corrupted property).
  • Add or subtract one level, changing the base type to one appropriate for the new level, and randomizing the affixes. This is the only way to create a level 81 脚本错误. Level 68 maps can not drop to level 67.
  • Reroll the item into a rare item with up to eight random affixes.
  • Unidentify the item, retaining its affixes and quantity bonus. Unidentified magic or rare maps receive a 30% bonus quantity.

In addition to these effects, all bosses of corrupted maps have a chance to drop Sacrifice Vaal Fragments or Vaal Skill Gems.

A corrupted map can't be modified with currency in any way, but effects from Zana's map device can still be crafted on it for an additional cost of Vaal Orb.

Map fragments编辑

Placing any one of the normal vaal fragments along with a map into the map device will increase the IIQ of that map by 5% per sacrifice piece. Mortal fragmens will increase quantity by 10% each. Doubles or triples of the same piece will not work.

A single vaal fragment in the map device opens a random corrupted area. The level of the area will depend on the fragment used:

Fragment Level
脚本错误 68
脚本错误 69
脚本错误 70
脚本错误 71
脚本错误 72
脚本错误 73
脚本错误 74
脚本错误 75

Zana, Master Cartographer编辑

Zana is the master aligned with maps. After you have completed a mission for her, she can be found in the Eternal Laboratory. At higher reputation levels, she offers her own map device to be placed in the player's hideout. Special map effects can be crafted onto the map this way.

In addition to the crafting services, Zana also sells lower level maps.


These achievements are related to maps:

Name Description
File:Cartographer achievement icon.jpg
Fully clear an end-game Map.
Dream within a Dream
File:Dream within a Dream achievement icon.jpg
Have a Unique Map drop within a Unique Map.
Dream Corruption
File:Dream Corruption achievement icon.jpg
Enhance a map with a Vaal fragment.
Dream Enrichment
File:Dream Enrichment achievement icon.jpg
Corrupt a level 78 map into a Vaal Temple map.
File:Gladiator achievement icon.jpg
Fully clear the Colosseum end-game map.
Hostile Territory
File:Hostile Territory achievement icon.jpg
Corrupt a map to have eight mods.
Releaser of Souls
File:Releaser of Souls achievement icon.jpg
Kill the Eater of Souls in the Core end-game map.

Version history编辑

Version Changes
  • We have introduced a new series of maps. You can recognise these by their volcanic Karui Stone art rather than the old grey tablets.
  • The new maps range in level from 68-82.
  • Many maps have changed where they fit in the map progression. There are more maps at higher tiers than before.
  • 12 new maps (with accompanying boss fights) have been added.
  • Maps in the new progression have a reworked system of map mods.
  • Item Rarity and Pack Size now appear alongside Item Quantity as benefits that are granted for increasing the difficulty of maps by crafting mods onto them.
  • Map mods on lower-tier maps are generally easier than map mods in previous expansions. Mid-tier and high-tier maps introduce higher values, more challenging mods and scarier combinations of mods that previously weren't allowed to coexist.
  • Maps from the old progression no longer drop. They can be played to find maps from the new progression.
  • Old maps have their old art and mods. Crafting them yields mods from the old progression.
  • Zana allows you to open end-game Maps at a personal Map Device in your hideout. Mods can be purchased that affect the Map as it is opened.
  • Added eight new end-game Maps including a new tier of level 78 maps.
  • The player's "Increased Item Quantity" stat does not affect the drop rate of Map items any more. It does still increase the drop rate of everything else inside Maps.
  • Removed the Maelstrom of Chaos. It has been replaced by the Maps end-game. For more information about Maps, please read the development diary.
    • The item quantity bonus that a Map has (due to its Mods) will affect the drop rate of Map items within that Map.
    • The drop rate of the Map items themselves is not increased by the additional players.