{{#ev:youtube|ISDu7Z5QJLg|300|right|Vendors + Currency - Everything you need to know|frame}} A vendor is an NPC in any of the four main towns across each difficulty. They offer items with item level one higher than the players' current level, up to a cap. The player may also sell items to a vendor; the items the player gets in return is determined by vendor recipes.


Act I编辑

In Lioneye's Watch:

Act II编辑

In the Forest Encampment:

  • Greust - Next to the entrance to the encampment.
  • Yeena - Inside the encampment, on the left side.

Act III编辑

In the Sarn Encampment:

  • Clarissa - Left to the notice board.
  • Hargan - Standing in a tent on the north side of the encampment.

Act IV编辑

In Highgate:

  • Kira - Right next to the player's stash.
  • Petarus and Vanja - Next to the bridge to the town's waypoint.

Prices 编辑

Weapons and armour 编辑

Base item level Cost
Normal Magic
0 脚本错误 脚本错误
1-6 脚本错误 脚本错误 (weapon)
脚本错误 (armour)
7-9 脚本错误 (weapon)
脚本错误 (armour)
脚本错误 (weapon)
脚本错误 (armour)
10-14 脚本错误 脚本错误
15-19 脚本错误 脚本错误
20-42 脚本错误 脚本错误
43+ 脚本错误 脚本错误

Other items 编辑

Type Cost
Normal Magic
Belt 脚本错误 脚本错误
Flask 脚本错误
脚本错误 (Hallowed)
Ring 脚本错误 脚本错误
Amulet 脚本错误 脚本错误

Item level caps 编辑

Item Level Cap Normal Cruel Merciless
Lioneye's Watch 15 40 56
Forest Encampment 26 47 60
Sarn Encampment 36 52 60
Highgate 40  ? 60